The Birth of Asweina

Before establishing Asweina, Edison Luo had already amassed an impressive resume in the adult product industry for 5years.Edison Luo's journey began with three years of working experience in adult product factories.He then transitioned to two years in international trade, wholesale, and retail sales of male masturbator. In the latest two years, he has started to create the Asweina online store to sell male masturbators for male users. Base on the deep understanding of the market. He's built strong relationships with numerous adult product suppliers, securing access to a vast network of resources and channels in the supply chain. Moreover, Edison's passion for providing customers with the most suitable products drove him to personally use and test various masturbators, seeking to discover the best male masturbation device from a user's perspective.

Brand and Product Positioning

Asweina is committed to building a professional online brand that caters to diverse male customers by providing the best masturbation cup and accessories, accompanied by comprehensive services. Our mission is to understand the unique needs of each customer and provide high-quality products, pre-sale guidance, responsive after-sales service, and a secure payment system – all to ensure customer satisfaction.customer satisfaction.

Growth and Evolution

Diverse and Innovative Product
Since its inception in March 2020, Asweina has grown into a mature and refined online store, offering an extensive range of male adult products primarily focused on male masturbators. A's product range has evolved to include a wide variety of male masturbators, each designed to cater to the specific desires of its customers. Our masturbators consist of blowjob series, thrusting series, rotating series, sucking series, and heating series. In addition, Asweina offers male sexual enhancement toys such as penis pumps, cock rings, prostate massagers, and glans trainers ect.
Excellence in Quality and Service
Asweina understands the importance of customer experience and satisfaction. We actively explore and discover the best products on the market, Edison Luo will also personally test and evaluate each product to ensure the comfort and quality of the product. In addition, we also have a safe and fast payment system. Comprehensive pre-sale guidance and perfect after-sale protection. Every detail has been taken to ensure an unrivaled experience for Asweina's customers.
Broader market and faster logistics
With high-quality products and perfect service,Asweina has achieved rapid development. We gradually went to more than 60 countries in Europe, America and other regions. At the same time, we have also established partnerships with reliable logistics companies such as UPS, FEDEX and DHL to ensure timely delivery of shipments. Moreover, we have established overseas warehouses in California and New Jersey in the United States, which greatly reduces the cost of transportation and improves the timeliness of transportation there. In the future, we will also set up overseas warehouses in various regions of other countries, so that customers can enjoy the fastest transportation with the lowest shipping cost.

Values and Achievement

As a professional male masturbator brand, Asweina is dedicated to providing the most suitable products, relevant knowledge, and top services to diverse customers. We have successfully completed over 20,000 orders across Europe, America, and more than 60 countries, amassing over 6,000 loyal customers. With a customer complaint rate of less than 1% and a repurchase rate of over 40%, Asweina continually strives for improvement, cementing our reputation as a trustworthy brand and reliable online store.

The Future of Asweina

The story of Asweina is one of innovation, expertise and passion, and we are driven by the desire to enhance male pleasure through more better male masbators. As the brand continues to grow, Asweina remains committed to our core values and strives to shape the future of the industry and deliver an unparalleled experience to customers around the world. The journey has just begun, and we invite you to join Asweina on this journey to explore and discover more fun belonging to this space